Is CHP for You?

CHP encourages you and your Physician to work together as a team. When you first visit one of our Concierge Healthcare Partners Physicians, you’ll have the luxury of spending time to get to know one another and discussing all of your health concerns and goals. You will build a team approach to your health in addition to a long lasting personal relationship with your Physician to map out your long-term preventive care. The personal attention is possible because each Concierge Healthcare Partners Physician spends upwards of 30 minutes with you during each appointment. Spending more time with each patient results in greatly improved outcomes.

As a member of the Concierge Healthcare Partners membership program you will receive the following benefits:

  • Annual health assessment
  • Access to your physician 24/7 by personal cell phone
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Convenient dedicated concierge office hours
  • Appointments that begin on time and end when your questions have been answered
  • Physician to Physician coordination of specialty referrals.
  • A team approach to wellness and prevention

Preventive and timely medical care is the cornerstone of Concierge Healthcare Physicians. Concierge Healthcare Physicians strongly believes that physicians should be devoted to caring for you as a human being – not as a collection of symptoms. The patient should be able to enjoy the undivided attention and commitment of their Physician. One’s relationship with a Physician should be proactive to promote early detection and prevention.