For Doctors

Concierge Healthcare Partners, LLC (CHP) is a physician concierge company focused on providing a higher level of physician access and services to patients while improving physicians’ economics. With CHP’s model, you are assured that you can continue to maintain your traditional practice and never have to tell your patients they must find another Doctor. CHP can assist you in transitioning your practice into a full concierge practice in the future, in addition to building a supplemental revenue source for your practice. CHP removes the risk by making the investment in your practice – you get the benefits of a less hectic schedule. This is also advantageous if you are working towards retirement and eventually convert to a total concierge practice.

Concierge Healthcare Partners membership “Hybrid” model works well with PCPS and Specialists such as: cardiology, endocrinology, nephrology, and neurology practices.

Concierge Healthcare Partners also works with physicians to create Direct Primary Care practices.


  • Do you see more than 15 patients per day?
  • Has your income become stagnant over the past three years?
  • Have you been in practice for 10 years?
  • Are you prepared for the changing future of medical reimbursements?

The Benefits and Support CHP Provides your Practice:

  • An analysis to determine if the CHP model is appropriate for your practice, including:
    • Patient surveys
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Financial analysis
    • Revenue projection
  • A step by step transition process for staff and physician’s training on-site
  • A beneficial marketing and public relations program
  • A full-time patient coordinator dedicated to your practice to interact with your membership
  • Administration of the membership’s billing and collections
  • Fair and equitable agreements, not long-term contracts
  • Patient approval surveys performed annually
  • CHP manages patient communications, outreach programs including membership meetings, newsletters, email updates, and federal and state regulatory analysis and counseling

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