Concierge Healthcare Partners

A Healthier Relationship

Timely Medical Care

If a highly personal, caring relationship, a suite of wellness programs, 24/7 access, and same or next day appointments with your doctor is something you desire, then you should explore our Concierge Program to learn more about “a healthier relationship.”

One of the hallmarks of a concierge medical practice is a highly in-depth, intensive physical that goes beyond the scope of a routine physical exam. This includes enhanced services typically not covered by traditional insurance plans or Medicare. These exams are tailored toward individual patient needs and include a more extensive array of tests to help your doctor understand your unique health care needs, taking into account personal factors such as family history, lifestyle issues and how your job affects your life.

Program Benefits

  • Annual health assessment
  • 24/7 access to your physician by personal cell phone or pager
  • Same day or next day appointments
  • Convenient dedicated concierge office hours
  • Appointments that begin on time and end when your questions have been answered
  • Physician-to-physician coordination of specialty referrals
  • A team approach to wellness and prevention

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